#1. Law Home


This is the best law magazine that contains all the aspects of the law for continents. The writers are from all over the world and they are experienced in various law specialties. It has teachings on the daily issues like engagement before marriage and the law, Husband or wife responsibility as to per the law and the grounds in which people can have contested or uncontested divorce. To ensure that you get the best of it, it is both in e-copy and hard copy. Just subscribe.

#2. The art law report


This is the best law blog ranked number all the times. It is written by a group of attorneys with various specialties and they have all the knowledge to ensure that they readers with all the perfect advice. They pick issues from the real life experiences and analyze them using the law part after part to ensure that you have the best understanding. If you want to know where to get the best lawyers for your case, this is the best way to ensure that you get all the necessary information because they write down all the lawyers who are qualified in their listing section.

#3. The Book of the Law


This book was written by A. Crawley who had investigated all the law types and decided to come up with this book. You can find it in Google books.

#4. Find law

s4 this is a journal that is meant to carry all the academic references about law which students could be in need of. It has law from all aspects and it could be a good source of learning because it is a law library. You can even inquire about the things you may need to specifically know as a learner.